Reclaiming My Vessel

Nude female portrait painted in watercolor

"I used the really hate how my curves made me look big.

It’s still a struggle to not automatically have negative thoughts when I look at myself naked, but I’m getting there.

After two decades of unhappiness, I’m slowly reclaiming my vessel."


"Solía odiar como mis curvas me hacían lucir demasiado grande.

Es todavía una lucha automáticamente no tener pensamientos negativos cuando veo mi cuerpo desnudo, pero poco a poco llego ahí.

Después de dos décadas de infelicidad, poco a poco reclamo mi recipiente."

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Nude pregnant non-binary portrait painted in watercolor

Never Felt Female

Today I Feel Beautiful

Today I Feel Beautiful

Nude female portrait painted in watercolor

Learning to Accept


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