My Body Was a Battleground

Nude female portrait painted in watercolor

"I’m at home in it – that’s what I love the most about my body. My sense of the boundary between ‘it’ and ‘me’ isn’t really there anymore.

For a long time, my body was a battleground, the place where I turned on myself and fought with the sense that it was an ugly burden, or was just wrong.

Looked wrong. Felt wrong. I had to shed a lot of the rubbish I’d been taught about my body to feel good in it.

Yoga, cigarettes, trekking, tattoos, body hair, sex, no sex, I feel empowered in all of it – me and my body are lifelong partners in crime. I’m so grateful for that."


"Por mucho tiempo, mi cuerpo fue un campo de batalla, el sitio donde me enfrenté a mí misma y combatí con la impresión de que era una carga desagradable, o que estaba mal.

Se veía mal. Se sentía mal. He tenido que colectar toda la basura que me habían enseñado acerca de mi cuerpo, para poder sentirme bien en él.

Yoga, cigarrillos, senderismo, tatuajes, vellos, sexo, no sexo, me siento empoderada por todo aquello – mi cuerpo y yo somos compañeros de crimen para toda la vida. Y estoy muy agradecida por ello."

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Nude female portrait painted in watercolor

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Nude female portrait painted in watercolor

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