An Interesting Relationship

Nude female portrait painted in watercolor

"I have a very interesting relationship with my body.

She's been through a few different phases and cycles and I'm now learning to be okay with that. ⁠

There's no shape, size, or weight that could make my worth decrease and I've decided to stand in that truth. ⁠

I saw an amazing quote the other day by Bunny Michael which says, "Most people look in the mirror never really seeing themselves. They see how close or far they are from the standard of beauty they have been conditioned to believe in. Every time you see an image of yourself and feel inferior it's an illusion".⁠


"Tengo una relación muy interesante con mi cuerpo.

Ella ha pasado por algunas fases y ciclos diferentes y ahora estoy aprendiendo a sentirme bien con eso.⁠

No hay forma, talla o peso que pueda hacer que mi valor disminuya y he decidido defender esa verdad.

El otro día vi una cita increíble de Bunny Michael que dice: "La mayoría de las personas se miran al espejo sin verse realmente a sí mismas. Ellos ven que tan cerca o lejos están del estándar de belleza en el que han sido condicionadas para creer. Cada vez que ves una imagen de ti mismo y te sientes inferior, es una ilusión ".⁠

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Nude female portrait painted in watercolor

The Greatest Scapegoat

This is an Intersex Body

This is an Intersex Body

Nude female portrait painted in watercolor

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