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Not a Woman

non-binary transmasculine person painted in watercolor

"So first of all, I’m not a woman, I’m a non-binary transmasculine person who uses he/they and some neo pronouns. My hips and chest cause gender dysphoria, I plan to take testosterone and have a double mastectomy (aka top surgery) in the future.

But still, my body is not wrong. It is MY body, which makes it automatically the right one for me. Even if I don’t like some parts of it, they’re still mine and I accept that. My body does so much for me every day and I’m thankful for that.

I overcame hating my body and starving myself, I achieved a healthy weight for me by now. I used to be by far skinnier than now, to get rid of my ‘female’ characteristics. But they were never female because I’m not either. I was just so tired of hearing about what a ‘pretty girl’ I have become.

I do have a body that is deemed as ‘beautiful’ by media, my stomach is flat, I have some curves and my chest is a medium size. But I will not let my body define who I am.

I know myself better than they do. And by now I can finally say that I love my body, despite all of the societal expectations and gendering of my body parts."


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