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Living, Breathing Doormats

Living, Breathing Doormats

"I was a fat kid growing up, much like my brothers and cousins. And, just like them, I loved to eat. I was nagged on the portions on my plate almost everyday by whoever happened to be sneaking a peek. Then, there would be an elaborate lecture on why girls shouldn't let themselves get as fat as I was, but that it was okay for guys to do so because they need to grow stronger.

I was 7 when this started and by the time I was menstruating, I had developed eating disorders. I cut back more than half of what I used to eat, skipped meals, preferred to eat alone and even started giving my meals to animals when no one was looking. I became anemic, which I still am to this day, but I also lost a lot of body and mind, too. I lost half my body weight and people were astonished. Simply amazed at how much I'd 'progressed'.

As I grew older I took up psychology in school and college and at long last it dawned on me what had been happening all these years; the mood and eating disorders and the horrible physical and mental effects they have on people. It was then that I started noticing how girls are brought up to be living, breathing doormats for their male counterparts. To chew our tongues and let our words be seeded in the pits of our stomachs. Seeds that will never be harvested because that would hurt the 'stronger' sex's indomitable ego."


pooja solanki


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