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It's Such a Mixed Bag

Nude female portrait painted in watercolor

"My relationship with my body is such a mixed bag. I wish I could say I'm at a full blown Lizzo level of belly loving confidence. I love the way curvy influencers show off their belly rolls and romanticize a real body. But the reality is me thinking "I love my body, except my stomach". Holding my body in different ways in the mirror, trying to contort my rounded tummy that goes out on the sides into an hour glass. Kind of like trying to push a square into a circular hole. Pushing and pulling loose skin and fat rolls in different directions to 'see what I'll look like when I've lost weight'.

It's not all that easy but I try everyday to remind myself my body is beautiful and lovable. It's not glamorous and it doesn't happen over night, but I feel little shifts happen here and there. I just bought my first bikini, and if you're reading this then I guess I also let a stranger paint a naked photo of me and post it on the internet."


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