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Four Weeks Ago I Gave Birth

Four Weeks Ago I Gave Birth

"Four weeks ago I gave birth. That wasn’t the tricky part - I was anaesthetised from the chest down as I was cut open and my babies delivered. Having having never particularly liked my breasts being touched, breast feeding has been a steep learning curve from being milked in hospital by numerous midwives, to having hot sweats at night as my breasts become engorged. My breasts now swell and deflate multiple times each day as my babies feed. I find it fascinating how much sustenance they get from me but do I find it any more special and bonding than bottle feeding? No." 

Caption continued in the comments (4 months later)...

"Four weeks before this photo was taken I gave birth. At that time wrote a caption about the fascinating experience of producing milk. Four months later I rewrote it to convey instead the earth-shattering exhaustion of caring for new life. The relentless physical demands combined with continual sleep deprivation. The constant memory fog paired with a hyper alert state always looking out for potential dangers. I don’t mean to write this to come across as ungrateful, I simply wanted to convey some of the the emotions of new parenthood that I wish I’d seen sooner to reassure myself and hopefully others that they’re not alone in feeling this way."


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